More creative, stylish design

you put on a watch every day then it’s worth investing in a timepiece that you really love, given the cost per wear. That doesn’t mean you need to splurge a four-figure sum though. More than half on this list come in at less than AED 100 or you can get some for FREE.

Styles range from pared back and understated – you’ll notice minimal-looking wristwear is big in Watchland – to something slightly more blingy or bold. These are majority specialist watch brands that put an emphasis on design and function. Some have a long history, while others  are brands that have made a big impact since launching in the last five years.   

As well as the look of the watches, we’ve mentioned the set up that powers the hands around the face where relevant. All here are battery powered and use quartz movement, known for being super-accurate and low maintenance 
that will keep you punctual.  

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